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Welcome To The DarkRaveN's Nest

Welcome To The DarkRaveN's Nest

FlameWelcome To The DarkRaveN's NestFlame

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O Fortuna {Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi} from Carmina Burana, Carl Orff

In Life and In Death

The Moon peers through the Dark
The Stars will weep and cry
Somewhere across the vast Ocean
The Sun gives Life and travels by

The warmth radiates across the Land
The Birth of a new Day has begun
The Earth awakens to the glorious Light
The Formation and Creation will soon be done

The noon-day Sun beats upon the Earth
Yet a bly Breeze manages to stray
The Clouds billow and rule the Sky
The Climax of yet another Day

The Sun settles down to the glowing Horizon
Slowly and painfully it dies
The Sky is crimson with its Blood
The Moon has come to rule the Skies

His triumphant Glow banishes the Light
The Clouds weep with Sorrow
Night has come with the passing of Day
As the Earth waits for Tomorrow...

The Clash between Evil and Good
Will continue until Eternity
The Sunlight will stream from the Sky
As the Moonbeams will stay for all to see

The Battle for Sky will always be
Until the Day when the World shall end
Whether for the Light or for the Dark
The ways of the Brothers will never end

Caribbean Blue or Deathly Black?
The Decision is yours to make
Hurry and choose the Side to join
For there shall be a Day when you shall never wake...

May of 1997

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Gargoyle! Enya Gargoyle!
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