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Embrace me my Angel
Whose Eyes enlightens my World
Let me feel your Golden Hair
So soft, so beautiful
Take my hand and follow Me
To the Realm of Silence
Let the Light of all Lights
Devour Us
Spread out your Wings
And take me to this Paradise
Spread your Wings
And let us fly Together...

Angel of Sorrow, Arcana

Arcana is a gothic band from Sweden. Most people relate gothic to the devil. This type of gothic is different. The moods range from fierce storms to sad, mournful melodies. When I first heard Arcana's music, I was immediately captured in its firm grip. Arcana was introduced to me through a friend who had one of their CDs, The Dark Ages of Reason. The first song I heard from the album was Our God Weeps. It was so different from any other types of music I have heard. Up to this day, I still find the haunting tunes of Our God Weeps to be overpowering. Although I have not yet heard any of their other albums (or own any for that matter), I'm sure that I will continue to embrace the sorrowful music set forth by Arcana. The unrestful tunes are so touching and intense at the same time. Surprisingly, many people find this type of music to be frightful and creepy. In my opinion, Arcana's music has a wide range. I find most of the songs to be serene and peaceful, but not in the way that chamber music would put you to sleep. The lyrics of several of the songs also tell a gripping tale if you take the time to listen and interpret the vivid words. Hopefully, you too will be happily enslaved by this gothic creation.



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The Cold Meat Industry, Arcana's publisher

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